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Texas Bill Would Increase Overweight Fines, Suspend CDLs


Texas Bill Would Increase Overweight Fines, Suspend CDLs

A bill introduced by Texas Representative Allan Fletcher, member of the Texas House Transportation Committee, would impose hefty fines and CDL suspensions for overweight violations.

The current fine of an overweight load in Texas is $110. HB 3094 would increase the fine for overweight loads to $1 for each pound the truck is overweight.  For example, if a truck is 10,000 pounds overweight, the fine would be $10,000.

The funds generated from the fines would go to the general revenue fund– 50% would go to law enforcement and 50% would go to road maintenance.

In addition, the bill found also impose CDL suspensions for repeat offenders.  A second offense would result in a 36-month suspension.

Drivers aren’t the only ones who will have to pay, the bill would also fine shippers $5,000 for overweight loads.  100% of the funds generated from the shipper’s fine will go to law enforcement.

Fletcher said, “HB 3094 addresses those few commercial vehicle companies that choose to blatantly violate Texas law and operate with overloaded big trucks. These overloaded vehicles are not only dangerous to Texas motorists, but they are damaging Texas highways at a rate that the State can not keep pace with. This bill does not change existing rules regarding weights, but only strengthens the penalties if the law is violated. This is a good bill for Texas and I have already had positive phone calls from the trucking industry who want an even playing field for those who do follow the law.

CDLLife will follow this bill and bring you more information as it comes available.


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