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Texas To Truckers, Stay Out of the Left Lane


Left-Lane Drivers, BewareThe Texas Transportation Commission has voted to place left-lane restrictions on trucks.  While the state already has a left-lane driving law, the Commission voted to double-up on the law and prohibit trucks from driving in the left lane on US 77, US 83 and US 281 in Cameron and Hidalgo County.

The vote brings the total to 443 miles of Texas roadways that trucks are prohibited from using.

“Safety is always our first priority and the key deciding factor when weighing decisions related to efficient travel and commerce,” said Chairman Ted Houghton, Texas Transportation Commission. “As truck traffic increases along with our population, we must consider how different types of motorists and vehicles can safely interact on our highways.”

The Texas Transportation Institute conducted a 36-week study of left-lane truck restrictions along I-10E in Houston in 2000. Researchers found that crashes were reduced by 68 percent. Another study on I-20 in Dallas and I-30 in Fort Worth found that crashes declined by 78 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

Trucks are still allowed to use the left lane to pass other vehicles and exit the highway.


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