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They Went Looking For A Meteorite And Found The Dash Cam


When I heard the news last Friday that there were videos of a meteorite exploding in Russia – I knew immediately (without watching one) that they were recorded with dash cams. Just like the airliner that crashed near Moscow at the end of December – the best video was from someone with a dash cam.

Russia is considered to be the dash cam/dvr center of the world. Why is this? Well, to start with they could use a few more driving lessons, but we will give them a break after all they have a much shorter history of broad personal ownership of vehicles than that of other countries. I am told by many of the truck drivers that I have met who have emigrated to the U.S. from Russia or the Ukraine that dash cams are prolific because of poor insurance, corrupt courts/law enforcement, and tendencies for violence when one gets into and out of a smash-up. The dash cam is the equalizer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I think it is beginning to make sense about dash cams here in the USA…and it took an exploding meteorite to wake up many (including the media) to the best kept secret in technology.

It’s funny that such an incredibly practical tool makes big news for making the news. I mean, the dash cam is intended to capture video of events that occur on the road not in the sky. That is what it is designed for. Frankly, that is what the SmartCam HD2 lives for; if it is not recording it will simply turn itself off. And yet, the biggest, most mainstream story, I have seen about the personal dash cam dvr comes about by it recording an exploding meteorite in rural Russia. Well, I accept it. I guess in today’s world this is a perfectly normal way for something to enter into the general consciousness of a population. Well it’s about time the dash cam got some recognition – even though they went looking for a meteorite and discovered the dash cam.

It is because of that meteorite and those Russian dash cams that Kim and I were interviewed today on KY3 in Springfield, MO by news reporter/anchor Sara Forhetz. We appreciated the time taken by Sara and KY3 and were impressed by her knowledge about dash cams. She obviously has known for some time about how useful and popular they are becoming. So if you are interested here is the link to the interview.

What will the next big story about dash cams be? Hmmm… maybe a Big Foot sighting or someone actually records the end of a rainbow. Maybe a better story is the personal one where a dash cam helps you out of tough jam when you need it. Start recording soon – you never know what might come your way.

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