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Thousands Of Bees Escape Truck, Swarm New Jersey Town


Thousands Of Bees Escape Truck, Swarm New Jersey Town On Monday afternoon, a load of thousands of bees suddenly shifted, setting free thousands of bees along Route 287 in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

According to CBS 2, the truck was hauling between 30,000 and 50,000 bees and was heading from Florida to Maine.

Beekeepers were called to the scene to help with the clean up and to help prevent more bees from escaping.  Thousands of bees escaped, but keepers were able to contain a majority of them.

“The load was not properly on the truck,” beekeeper Janet Katz told CBS 2. “We got the bees off the truck, covered them, calmed them down, got all the stilled buckets off and re-did the load.”

Byrnes explained that most of the bees remained close to the truck, because the queen was still on the truck.

“It was a honey of a situation – I can throw a joke in there,” said Bernards Township police Officer Ray Gizienski. “I think Basking Ridge has gained a few new friends.”

The truck driver sustained about a dozen stings, WCBS 880 reported, but honey bees aren’t typically aggressive.  They only sting if they feel that they or the queen are being threatened.

Once the load was situated and the bees were contained, the driver was back on the road.


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