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Top Mobile Games For Truckers January 2013


Truck drivers love their phones and tablets for a little low-cost entertainment during off hours. We figure, “Why spend a bunch of money on complicated games when some of the best offering in early 2013 are simple and free?” That’s right – some of the top mobile games of early 2013 are absolutely free and will entertain truckers for hours.

If you haven’t shopped for an upgrade to your smartphone during the holidays, there are plenty of discount deals on smartphones available right now. We also ran a closer look at some of the new tablet computers that are affordable and powerful.

So what’s in store for early winter on the digital mobile front? Lots of eye-popping color, smooth action, likeable characters from these low cost mobile games. Let’s have a look.

Top Free Mobile Games for January 2013

Best Free Truck Driver Mobile GamesBig Win Basketball – by Hothead Games

If you like the idea of creating a custom basketball team, but just don’t have the time to plunge into a full-scall fantasy basketball league, Big Win Basketball might be perfect for you.

CREATE your own unique dream team, COMPETE against opponents from around the world, WATCH your team battle it out on the court, BOOST your player’s shooting, passing, blocking and other skills, then get ready to win the Amateur and Pro trophies for the ultimate BIG WIN!

Get Big Win Basketball for Android here. Get it for iPhone here.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/Zjf7sIJZk5c” playlist=”Big Win Basketball” title=”Free%20Mobile%20Games%20for%20Truck%20Drivers” width=”460″ height=”330″]

Free Mobile Games January 2013Fruit Shoot – by Words Mobile

Shooting an apple off one’s head is a feat of marksmanship with a bow. How far can you shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? Now grab bow and arrow and try to hit the fruits on the head of the cute buddies in this most insanely addictive adventure game!

Game Features:

  • Hours and hours of engaging gameplay of Challenge mode and V.S. mode
  • Explore 90 levels in 3 iconic locations

Get Fruit Shoot for Android here. Not available for iPhones yet!


Pitfall Free Mobile GamePitfall! – by Activision


PITFALL!, inspired by the 1982 Classic that started it all, now re-envisioned and re-booted on Android!

Escape the wrath of an angry volcano while collecting ancient treasures in PITFALL!, an adrenaline-fueled, free-running adventure set in a deadly jungle with twists and turns that will always keep you on your toes. As the iconic Pitfall Harry, test your skills by racing through jungles, caves and native villages while avoiding death-defying obstacles such as fiery volcanic flames, tumbling ancient artifacts, and narrow cliff side pathways.

Challenge your reflexes by jumping, sliding, and using your deadly whip to take out classic PITFALL! foes like rattlesnakes and scorpions while avoiding the death grip of a crocodile’s jaw as you swing across ravines. Make sure to always keep a watchful eye as danger lurks around every corner!

Get Pitfall! for Android here. Find it on iTunes here.


Free mobile motocross gameTrial Xtreme 3 – by Deemedya

Tackle 76 completely original courses, fighting your friends for the race, win while carefully controlling your bike to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of the many hundreds of mines, water pipes, or wrecked cars that are standing in your way.

Race against your friends and the world top Trials bikers head to head, shoulder to shoulder to prove to everyone what we already know- That you are the best Trial Xtremist out there!

Customize your bike and rider to your own tastes, then hit the course and win the race.

Get it at Google Play here. Not yet available from iTunes.


Free Health Training App for TruckersNike Training Club – by Nike, Inc.

Keeping a steady workout schedule in place while driving a truck is hard. This is one of the latest all-in-one training and diet helper apps to take a lot of the hassle out of it.

Nike Training Club gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 114 custom-built workouts. Unlock exclusive workouts from Rihanna’s personal trainer Ary Nuñez and professional athletes like Paula Radcliffe, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo.

Detailed instructions and audio support are on hand to help you perfect each of Nike Training Club’s 100+ dynamic drills. Choose a workout that fits your goal. Set it to your music, share your progress, earn your rewards, and just see the results.

Get it for Android phones here.  Get it from iTunes here.


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