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Treating Cold And Flu Viruses Naturally


There aren’t many things worse than contracting a cold or virus while you’re out on the road. – Especially when treating it with over the counter or prescription medication may not be an option if drowsiness is a side effect. Here are a few natural options to get you through it, and back to functioning at 100% even faster.


Drink hot tea. Not only is a cup of hot tea soothing, and easy to make on the road – hot liquids also loosen mucous membranes to relieve congestion. Some of the best teas to drink in the event of a viral illness come from a line found in most grocery stores called Traditional Medicinals® Wellness Teas – two of my personal favorites being Echinacea Plus® (which fires up your immune system and has a slightly minty citrus taste) and Throat Coat® (Which actually lubricates and relieves a sore throat with its slippery elm, licorice, and marshmallow root ingredient line-up.) Throat Coat® does have a distinct licorice taste to it, but it does wonders for a sore throat – even if licorice isn’t your thing. Last but not least, is the Cold Care P.M.® tea which contains relaxing herbs and peppermint to warm and sooth.


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