urlTry a sinus rinse or saline spray. While you’re in the privacy of the hot shower, you may consider trying a sinus rinse. One of the more mainstream sinus rinse products is the NeilMed® Sinus Rinse. It’a a little intimidating (scary, even) the first time – but it’s essentially an irrigation system for your sinuses. The NeilMed® Sinus Rinse comes with a 30ml squeeze bottle, and a supply of saline solution packets. Simply pour in the packet, fill the bottle with warm (not hot) water, shake and proceed to “irrigate.” This process entails inserting the tapered cap of the bottle into a nostril, leaning forward, opening your mouth, squeezing the bottle, and allowing the saline solution to flush out the opposite nostril. More detailed instructions can be found here. A saline nasal spray may also be a good option for those not brave enough to try and irrigate their sinuses.






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