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Truck Driver App: Voice To Text App Dragon Mobile Assistant


It never fails, as soon as you start driving, you get a text that you’ve been waiting for or you remember that you were supposed to make an appointment.  You either have to pull off the road or wait until your next stop.

An updated app called Dragon Mobile Assistant can turn your phone into a voice-controlled device.  The app is available for Android and will soon be available for iPhones, and it’s the greatest thing to happen for smart phones since Siri.

Use the app to send a text, update your facebook status, search for a phone number, find a location on Google Maps and much more!

Best of all, it’s free!

From the app’s developer:

The new Dragon Mobile Assistant builds on top of the popular Dragon Go! directed search experience, adding a totally new, conversational design and the most popular personal assistant features. Dragon allows you to speak naturally to access a wide range of content, and makes it easier to do your everyday tasks on your phone.  Use your voice to text, make a call, create and appointment, search for local businesses or information, find directions, and update your social networks – all in a completely hands free, intuitive way. Dragon gives you the freedom to do more, in more places, than ever before.

Here are a few examples of things you can do with Dragon:
* Make a call – “Call Ashley on her mobile”
* Send a text message – “Tell John I’ll be there in five”
* Create a calendar event – “Set up a meeting with Jake Barnes tomorrow at 2pm”
* Update Facebook or Twitter – “Send out a new Tweet, What a finish to the game!”
* Use maps and find directions – “What’s the best way to Portland, Maine?”
* Find restaurants and make reservations – “Find brewpubs in Boston”
* Check the weather – “How’s the weather look this week?”
* Look up local businesses and points of interest – “Fenway Park”
* Opening applications – “Open calculator”
* Playing on-device music – “Play Katy Perry”
* Setting alarm – “Set alarm for 6 AM tomorrow”
* And access content and information from over 200 websites with the Dragon Go! search carousel



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