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Truck Driver Claims He Was Fired Because of Sleep Apnea Diagnosis


Truck Driver Claims He Was Fired Because of Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Truck driver Don W. Canterbury  began working as a branch foreman for Gulf Coast Companies Inc., of Texas, in August of 2005 and remained in that position until March of 2012.  In July 2011, Canterbury informed Gulf Coast Companies Inc. of his sleep apnea/narcolepsy diagnosis.

“According to the lawsuit, Canterbury’s doctor advised that it would be okay for him to drive a fork-lift, but the defendant took Canterbury off driving a truck,” the Southeast Texas Journal reported.

Canterbury says he was fired in March after a truck hit an oil well, but Canterbury believes the real reason he was fired is because of age and disability discrimination.  At the time of the accident, Canterbury was 59.  He claims the company replaced him with a younger employee.

Canterbury is suing his former employer for lost wages and employment opportunities, mental anguish, pecuniary losses, loss of enjoyment of life, extreme emotional distress, embarrassment, severe disappointment, indignation, shame, despair, public humiliation, exemplary damages, attorney’s fees and court costs, the SE Texas Journal reported.



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