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Truck Driver Helps Child Wandering Close To Train Tracks


Train Tracks A Sandusky, Ohio child is safe thanks to an observant truck driver.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, an observant truck driver noticed a small boy wandering dangerously close to railroad tracks.

The driver looked around and noticed the child was alone.  The driver stopped his truck and the child approached it.  The driver notified authorities that the child was unattended.  While the two waited for authorities to show up, the driver stayed with the child and gave him a bottle of water.

The Sandusky police showed up and took the child to the police department. Soon after, police got a call from the chid’s dad who had been searching for his son.  They learned the boy was 6-years-old and that he had wandered a considerable distance from his home.

According to the Sandusky Register, “Due to the distance from his residence that (the boy) was able to go, the time element involved, as well as the proximity to the railroad and water hazards that could have been fatal for the child as well as vehicular traffic … it was determined that a charge of child endangering would be filed against Carl Nagel,” the report said.




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