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Truck Driver Helps Woman And Toddler Nearly Frozen After Car Wreck


On Sunday, Daniella Overette and her toddler daughter were driving through Menomonie, Wis on interstate 94.  Following a nine hour drive from Detroit, Overette grew tired and fell asleep at the wheel.

The rental car she was driving crashed into an overpass and fell to the icy  Red Cedar River below.

Overette and he daughter were bruised and shaken up but Overette managed to get her toddler and herself out of the smashed car and onto the icy-covered river.

Overette said she knew she needed to move quickly because she could hear the ice crunching beneath her rented car.

Once out of the car and off the ice, Overette said she had to carry her toddler up a steep embankment.  The two were wet and cold.

When she made it back up to the interstate, Overette began trying to flag down cars, but no one would stop for the nearly frozen pair, so Overette began walking toward a rest area.

Once at the rest area, Overette knocked on the door of a truck.  The truck driver opened his door for Overette and her daughter and invited them into the truck to warm up while he called for help.

When no one would else stop to help the pair, a truck driver willingly opened his doors to help.

Overette said she would like to thank the truck driver but didn’t get his name and information.

This is just one example of the many great deeds drivers do each day.

Great job, driver!


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