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Truck Driver Issued Two Tickets For Vehicles He’s Never Owned


A Maryland driver and his wife were ticketed twice for vehicles that they’ve never owned. Although this in and of itself seems surprising, their resulting battle with the Washington D.C. DMV had only just begun.

Driver John Kalbaugh, and his wife Linda both work full time, but have spent hours upon hours fighting the previously mentioned tickets over the past three years. Calling, writing letters, and faxing information on a weekly basis – to no avail.

According to John and Lisa, they’ve never owned a UPS truck, or a Nissan, and they haven’t been to Washington D.C. in over 10 years. The couple lives 150 miles away.

According to the couple, they’ve done all that they can – besides pay the tickets – which they have no plans to do so.

The first ticket (for the UPS truck) arrived in the mail three years ago, and the second (for the same license plate) was turned in over a year earlier. Those tags used to be on a Chevy pickup that is permanently parked on their property. According to John, he wouldn’t even consider taking that vehicle to Washington D.C.

Since the ticket (which never should have been issued) has not been paid, it eventually went to a collections agency which has tainted their perfect credit history. – To the point that they are actually refused when they decided to refinance one of their vehicles.

According to the Washington D.C. DMV, if you have over two unpaid tickets, your license could actually be suspended, and your vehicle impounded. – Which is a an alarming threat if you’re a driver.

Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Association has even tried to step in, writing two letters in defense of the Kalbaughs to the Washington D.C. DMV. – This didn’t help either.

According to the Washington D.C. DMV, the Kalbaughs have never tried to fight the tickets, they’ve decided not to apologize, or help to fix their ruined credit history. – Though, they have asked the Kalbaughs to send the information yet again.

Maryland’s MVA is currently investigating the issue.




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