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Truck Driver Meets Man He Helped Save In Fiery Crash


A crash victim got the chance to thank one of the truck drivers who helped free him from his fiery car following a crash.

Last month, a group of truck drivers stopped their trucks on south I-65, near the Greenwood exit, to help rescue a crash victim whose car was on fire.

The Indiana State Highway Patrol said the drivers used their fire extinguishers to control the flames, while the other truck drivers worked to open the car’s door and free the trapped driver.

According to Indiana State Police,  27-year-old  Anthony Ingle lost control of his car and went airborne, hit a guardrail went up an embankment, hit the bridge then erupted in flames.

Indiana Channel 6 reported that a truck driver witnessed the crash and used his CB to call out to other drivers for help.

Ruan truck driver Adam Phillips was one of the drivers who helped rescue Ingle.  Phillips pulled Ingle from the burning car.

“I just kept thinking, ‘I’ve gotta get this kid out of here before it kills him,’” Phillips told Fox 59. “I jumped up, grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out of the car.”

Once out of the car, Ingle was injured and shaking.  Phillips gave Ingle the coat off of his back.  When emergency officials arrived, Phillips went back to work and left his jacket with Ingle.

Ingle, who is now recovering from his injuries, wanted to thank the drivers who helped rescue him.

On Monday, Ingle got the chance to meet Phillips and thank him.

“I wouldn’t be here right now (without him),” Ingle told Fox 59.

Phillips says he doesn’t consider himself a hero, he was just doing what needed to be done, but we think he is.

Great job, driver!





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