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Truck Driver Meets With Woman Who Pulled Him From Fiery Crash


Armed with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate, truck driver Elias Uribe met with Terry Sims for the first time since Sims pulled Uribe from a fiery crash and saved his life.

On January 9, 2013, Uribe crashed his truck into a concrete barrier along Interstate 30 in Texas, causing his truck burst into flames.

Sims was on her way to work at the post office when she came across the accident and noticed that the driver was still stuck inside the blazing inferno,  NBC 5 reported.

She got out of her car and approached Uribe’s truck and yelled at him to ask him if he was okay and if he could get out of the truck.

“In the distance I could hear a woman screaming, ‘Can you get out? Are you OK? Can you get out? It’s burning,’” he told NBC 5.

Despite worrying for her own safety, Sims approached the burning truck.

Sims attempted to open the truck’s door, but it was stuck, so she began hoisting Uribe up to the window and worked to pull him out.

“He was in the truck, and the door wouldn’t open,” she said. “We had to pull him out the window. I was just so scared it was going to blow.”

Sims led Uribe away from the burning truck.

Uribe, a father of three young children, calls Sims an angel.

On Friday, Uribe got the chance to meet the angel who saved his life.

As the two embraced, Uribe profusely thanked Sims.

Next, Uribe’s children got a chance to say thanks to Sims.  Elias Uribe, 12, read his letter to Sims aloud, “”Dear Terry Sims, thank you for helping my dad get out of the truck, and thank you for your hard effort and your love and heart. May God bless you,” NBC 5 reported.

Uribe’s other two children read their heartfelt notes of thanks to Sims, as well.

Over dinner, Uribe and Sims recalled what they remembered about the day’s events.

“I don’t have any words to describe my gratitude to you,” Uribe told Sims.

Uribe says he plans to take some time off the road.

“More than ever, you don’t know how fragile life is,” he said.

Source: NBC 5

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.







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