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Truck Driver Needs Your Help With Project


A fellow driver needs your help!  His name is Randy Fischer, and he’s working hard to change the perception of drivers and put a face to the industry.

Randy wants to use what he gains from the project to show those who vote to ban truck parking, those who push for stricter regulations, etc.  He’s hoping that by putting a face to the driving community, some of the stereotypes and prejudices might diminish.

Here’s what Randy says about his project, “I’d like to make a video project aimed at improving the public image of truck drivers. I’d like to get as many drivers as possible to send me a short video clip of them saying something like ‘Hi, I’m a trucker, and I’m not _______.’ (dirty, stinky, a drug addict, dangerous, etc….) or ‘My name is _______. I’m a truck driver, and I’m also ________.'( a Dad, a church deacon, volunteer, etc…)


“Hi, my name is __________ and I’ve been a professional ________ driver for ____number of years. I also participate in (church, a softball team, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc.)________, have __________ children (animals, hobbies, etc.)”

Please send your clips to: [email protected] and please share this request with others. Thank you.

You can also find him at:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Riding-Shotgun-with-Randy/114340705355277
Riding Shotgun with Randy
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