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Truck Driver Saves Man From Burning Car


Two truck drivers on their way to work had to punch their way through a car door window to rescue a driver who had wrecked due to a seizure. Law enforcement officials estimated that the unlucky driver had merely a minute to survive, all due to these brave truckers who took action.

Greg Horton of Knoxville and Henry Headrick of Seymour were traveling for work on Wednesday when they noticed a burning vehicle on I-75 North, near Knoxville, Tennessee. Headrick pulled the semi-truck to the side of the interstate and looked for a fire extinguisher while Horton hit the passenger window with his fist to get inside the burning car.

Trucker Saves Man from Burning Car Tennessee
Larry Hadden’s destroyed car. He was rescued by two truck drivers on their way to work while being ignored by other motorists.

“When I got in there it was really hot so I was trying to be quick about getting in and out but he was seizing and jerking,” Horton said.

“I was just talking to the Lord, telling him, ‘I need your help. I can’t hold these flames back and I can’t let this man die,'” Horton said.

Horton was able to pull Larry Haddan out of the car with the help of Headrick. Haddan had suffered a seizure which had caused him to wreck his car.

Seconds later, the car was engulfed in flames.

“What do you say to somebody who saved your life? Apparently a lot of people drove by while I was sitting in that burning car,” Larry Haddan said.

So while this story of heroism had a happy ending, the two truck drivers and the victim aren’t so happy about 4 wheelers who simply chose to ignore a fellow driver obviously in peril.

Horton went on to say, “There were so many people just going by, even with all this going on… traffic never stopped. That to me was sad.”

Keep your eyes peeled, truck drivers! The next life you save could be your own.

Motorist Saved by Truck Driver Tennessee
Greg Horton at home with his family after his heroic rescue.

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