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Truck Driver Songs: CW McCall “Long, Lonesome Road”


Heard any good Truck Driver Songs lately? We at CDL Life try and put as many trucker tunes on site as possible so we’re your one stop shop for great music that sings the praises of the North American truck driver.

This time, it’s another classic tune from the king of the road song, C.W. McCall. If you’re a truck driver that grew up in the 70s and 80s, McCall was well-known to you. He created the persona and the classic “road chatter” music that made CB lingo a household obsession during those decades. It all started with “Convoy” and kept going from there.

C. W. McCall began as a mysterious character that originally sold products on TV. Once his commercials were a hit, some record producers pitched the idea of a “real” person who would sing about the trials and tribulations of the road over the airwaves. It was an instant hit, and kept McCall creating stories of the road through song for decades after.

This week, his song “Long, Lonesome Road” comes to us from the underground of CB country, and it doesn’t disappoint. It was part of his live performances for years as a favorite of classic trucker culture. So have a look back at this truck stop standard, courtesy of one of the biggest trucking musician legends America ever knew.



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