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Truck Driver Songs: Deep Purple “Space Trucking”


We’re back with another version of our long-running series Truck Driver Songs. If you like music and you love driving, this is where you come to hear what bands have to say about you.

This week, it’s one of the greatest long-form classic rock songs ever created by one of the most popular progressive rock bands to shake the Earth – Deep Purple.

Deep Purple were so much more than “Smoke on the Water.” They were a hard rock band with an organ that often was heavier than the guitar, they incorporated classical music motifs while singing about racing cars in space, and their drummer owed more to Buddy Rich than anyone else.

“Space Truckin’ ” is filled with complicated passages and arrangements but it’s never less than a bulldozer blazing down the highway. They used their musicianship to make music of the most intense order. Stretching the song past ten minutes, it eventually seem like the Earth is being ripped in half while you keep headbanging.

As usual, enjoy truck drivers!


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