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Truck Driver Songs: Earl Clifton “Lonely One Way Road”


Are you ready for another version of Truck Driver Songs from CDL Life? This time, we’ve got a great modern country ballad that puts it all on the line.

Earl Clifton is a singer songwriter out of Chesapeake, Virginia. His love for the traditional country music started as early as the 70’s with the outlaw movement and all the truck driver movies and TV shows.

Earl is something of an anomaly in the country genre, avoiding the spotlight whenever he could. He made music on his own terms and made sure that his songs were represented the way they should be on labels that went light on executives and heavy on taking care of their artists. Even still, Clifton never made the kind of money he was hoping for with his music. The country music establishment made sure that his truck driver anthems made money towards the top and kept the creative soul of his band kept in check. If that’s not the story of a trucker’s life, then we don’t know what is.

Enjoy, truck drivers!



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