Truck Driver Alerts Sleeping Family To Barn Fire

A truck driver passing through Genesee County, New York overnight spotted a barn fire.  The driver called 911 then went to house next to the barn to alert the sleeping family.

“I woke up to the truck driver banging on the door and I ran down and he said the barns on fire, so I grabbed my daughter, my wife, two dogs and we came pouring out, that’s when you know just chaos obviously. This is a 44-foot barn and the flames were 40 plus feet, and my concern was obviously the house,” homeowner Brendan Carney told WIVB.

Seven county fire departments responded to the fire.  The house never caught fire, but the homeowner says he lost a lot of equipment and some chickens to the fire.

Great job, driver!

Video Credit: WIVB 

Driver spots barn fire, wakes family


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