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Truck Driver Thwarts Convenience Store Robbery


Truck Driver Helps Stop RobberyOn Thursday, at approximately 3:00 p.m., in Denison, Texas, a truck driver helped thwart a robbery.

As driver Brandon Bond entered the shell gas station, he heard a store employee yell for help and saw a man running toward the door.

Acting on instinct, Bond grabbed the man and attempted to subdue him.

“We kind of just met right at the door, and he knocked over my sack of beer and instinct took over and I tackled him without hesitation,” Bond said.

Bond told KTEN that it took he and the employee to tackle the large man to the ground.  The man struggled to escape, even biting down on Bond’s arm.

“I got a little bite mark on my arm, he kind of bit me kind of hard,” Bond told KTEN.

According to the manager, the suspect entered the store and headed to the bathroom.  When the suspect came out of the bathroom, he approached the manager and informed him the bathroom was out of paper towels.  When the manager went to the back to get paper towels, the suspect grabbed a handful of lottery tickets and ran for the door.  That’s when Bond jumped on the man.

“Second nature took over and I wouldn’t have thought twice about doing it over again,” Bond told KTEN.

Another customer blocked the door until police arrived.

The suspect was taken into custody.




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