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Meet the Truck Driver Turned Bounty Hunter Turned Opera Singer


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Originally posted at Vice Magazine online.

Carl Tanner takes a different road than the rest of us. Recently, he spoke with Roc Morin at Vice Magazine about what got him to try and turn his life around not once, but twice within the last 15 years. He certainly didn’t take the direct route.

What was the incident that finally got the 230 pound 50 year-old to rethink his priorities? When a skinny 15 year-old shot at him through a doorway and then proceeded to punch stars into his eyes.

In the few weeks after that, he had also lost his trucking job, so he asked God for a sign about what to do. He got one, and packed a bag of clothes and his last $70 and headed to New York City. Once there, he landed a job as a singing waiter, which got him in front of more people who appreciated his voice.

Fifteen years later, he now sings in Madison Square Garden. He’s also been a featured story on The Today Show, and even got to meet President George W. Bush in person.

This is his story.


Trucker Sings at Madison Square Garden
Carl Tanner performing a solo at a recent production of Pagliacci in New York City.

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