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Truck Drivers Stop Intoxicated Driver From Reentering Highway


Double Jeopardy LawOn Wednesday, August 21st at approximately 5:30 p.m., Reggie Ewing, a driver for FW Trucking, a St. Louis trucking company, was driving his tractor trailer on I-70 near I-270 in North St. Louis County when he noticed a car in front of him driving erratically before it veered off the highway and into a ditch.

Reggie noticed that a woman was driving and there was a baby in the car. Concerned, he pulled over to help the driver. Instead of stopping, the driver of the car attempted to drive out of the ditch and get back on the highway.

Reggie realized that if the driver of the car succeeded in getting out of the ditch, she would be driving directly into the path of oncoming highway traffic and was at risk of causing a serious accident. Reggie pulled forward on the shoulder and used his truck to block the driver from heading back onto the highway.

While waiting for the police to arrive, a second FW Trucking driver, Jeremy Jones saw that Reggie was stopped and also pulled over to check on his coworker and provide additional assistance. Just moments later, the police arrived on the scene, followed not long after by fire and EMS personnel.

Reggie and Jeremy learned from the police at the scene of the incident that the woman who had run off the road had been involved in an earlier hit and run accident and was suspected of driving while intoxicated. The woman was taken into custody.

“Reggie’s quick actions prevented this situation from turning deadly for the woman behind the wheel, her child in the car and the other drivers sharing that stretch of highway,” said Mark Cusumano, President and CEO of FW Trucking. “Both Reggie and Jeremy thought they were simply pulling over to help a motorist in distress, but in seconds they went from good Samaritans to heroes assisting the police in apprehending a hit and run driver and potentially saving lives. We’re very proud of Reggie and Jeremy. They went above and beyond the call of duty to protect other motorists out on the roads.”

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