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Two Michigan Drivers Shot In Road Rage Incident


An road rage incident between two Michigan motorists turned fatal last Wednesday night at a car wash. Police say that the drivers shot and killed one another.

According to eyewitness reports: It all started when Robert Taylor, 56 (driving alone in a Chrysler PT Cruiser) began following James Pullum, 43 (traveling with his wife and mother in a Ford, Taurus) too closely on a highway near Ionia, Michigan.

The drivers pulled into the Wonder Wand Car Wash parking lot, exited their vehicles, and fired shots at one another – exchanging a total of 8 or 9 rounds. No bystanders were injured in the firefight.

Although police have not released information regarding which man fired shots first, it is known that Taylor had a criminal history. He had been convicted of a misdemeanor in 2006 for driving while intoxicated, and had also been cited for carrying a gun in his vehicle. Due to those convictions, Taylor’s concealed weapons license had been revoked for three years. He applied for a new license in 2010.

In Michigan a concealed carry permit can be issued to anyone above the age of 21 after taking a gun safety class, and meeting eligibility requirements such as having no felony convictions or diagnosis of mental illness.

Police are awaiting toxicology results to determine whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.

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