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Two Truck Drivers Help Deliver Baby At Denny’s


It was a Thanksgiving holiday two truck drivers will never forget.

Kaycee Triana was two weeks past her due date when she went to visit her family in Arkansas for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Saturday, Triana was at her sister’s house when she went into labor.

Triana and her sister were headed to the hospital but stopped on the way at Denny’s to pick up Triana’s mom.

“[My plan was] to get to the hospital and we didn’t make it,” Triana told Arkansas Matters. 

“Pretty much as soon as she walked in, she had a baby,” Suzanne Nettles, Triana’s mother, said. “I assumed they went to the hospital, but they went to Denny’s.”

Triana walked into Denny’s and was screaming that the baby was coming.

Denny’s employees scrambled to grab towels.

“I pushed one more time, the head came out, so I dropped my pants so other people would realize that it’s here,” Triana told Arkansas Matters.

Just then, two truck drivers approached Triana and put her onto the carpet and helped her deliver her baby.  The birth didn’t go smoothly.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and the drivers had to unwrap it.

“I’m still trying to absorb it all, this whole situation,” said Nettles. “They saved my grandbaby’s life.”

Despite a chaotic birth, a healthy, 10 pound 4 ounce baby boy was welcomed into the world.

Triana told Arkansas Matters that she’ll be forever grateful to the men who helped her.

“Thanks for being there, and not leaving one minute before or one minute after,” she says. “Thank you for saving my baby’s life.”

The baby boy, Andrew, is currently at a local hospital but is expected to go home soon.

Triana has been in contact with the truck drivers who helped her.

The drivers were not named.  Nice work, drivers!



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