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Undercover Boss Features Mack Truck CEO


During Season 2 (Episode 15) during 2011 CBS’s reality series ‘Undercover Boss’ featured Dennis Slagle – CEO if Mack Trucks. Dennis had just recently come to Mack after Volvo had acquired the company, and wanted to take a look at the inner workings in hopes of improving the company.

Dennis dons a mustache, and heads out to an engine assembly plant – introducing himself as ‘Roger.’ There he assisted a woman named Tracy in greasing up and sealing an engine block mounted on a robot – all in under two minutes. ‘Roger’ proved himself to be relatively incompetent, unable to follow Tracy’s instructions, and holding up the rest of the work line. He learned there that her job wasn’t so easy, and also that the line workers felt completely unappreciated by the company’s higher-ups.

After failing at the engine assembly plant, ‘Roger’ moved on to a parts distribution center to help out a material technician named Mike. The two took part orders, and speed off in a forklift to retrieve the necessary parts. ‘Roger’ tried his hand at driving – but didn’t do so well, bumping into items, turning sharply, and abruptly started and stopped the lift. ‘Roger’ also learned that according to Mike, the plant’s morale was very low – blaming Volvo’s purchase of Mack for the problems.

The third job ‘Roger’ tried out was in assembly operations where he met with Allan to assemble parts of a Mack truck. ‘Roger’ preformed better at this task than he had at the last two, and realized that Allan was a quality instructor. While ‘Roger’ was in assembly operations he also joined Jeff – a technician who worked with the numbers and exhaust systems. Although ‘Roger’ was able to get the task accomplished – he did end up nicking the bumper of the truck he was assembling.

Undercover Boss | Mack Trucks is available for streaming on Netflix.

After ‘Roger’ reviled himself as Dennis – the CEO, he rewarded the hardworking employees with vacations and donations – and decided to start a ‘town hall meeting’ within the company to lay the rumors of outsourcing to rest. He also announced that he wanted to unify the employees as a whole. What do you think? Did he make enough changes to make his undercover efforts worth the trouble?

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