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Update On Driver Caught In Oklahoma Tornado


Many of you saw the startling images of a truck that was blown apart by a tornado in Shawnee, Oklahoma on Sunday and you asked about the condition of the driver.

According to WYMT, the driver,44-year-old Blair Transport driver Steve Everett, suffered serious injuries.

Mountain News spoke with the owner of Blair Transport, Chris Blair, who said he knew some of his drivers were near Shawnee, Oklahoma, on Sunday, so he was keeping a close eye on the weather.

“We see tornadic activity or anything like that we always monitor our drivers, call them and tell them to stop,” Blair told Mountain News.

Blair says he was monitoring his drivers’ locations, when he saw that one of his drivers was heading directly into the area of the storm.

Blair says he knew something was wrong when the GPS tracking device showed that the driver had taken a right turn onto an overpass.

“He stopped his truck on a bridge on Interstate 40 with the intention of getting under the bridge for safety. Prior to him exiting the vehicle the wind picked the truck up blew it over the edge of the bridge, and it fell 50 feet to the road below,”  Blair explained.

He tried calling the driver on his cell phone, but the driver did not answer.

He watched the news and saw trucks being tossed through the air.  He said he had no idea one of those trucks belonged to his company.

After trying to reach the driver numerous times, Blair said all he could do is sit and wait for news on the driver’s condition.

Everett, the driver, was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City with serious injuries.  He sustained a fractured skull and possible spinal fractures.  Blair said Everett is paralyzed from the waist down, though doctors are hopeful he may walk again.

Please keep the driver and his family in your prayers.

“The rig can be replaced. The cargo is no concern. Our main focus at this time is the driver’s well being,” said Blair.



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