Fake License Plate

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Commercial Enforcement and Investigations Fraud, Special Investigations and Investigative Support Unit

Please be advised there have been several recent incidents between violators and law enforcement / motor carrier officials involving fraudulent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)/Department of Transportation (DOT) “driver’s licenses” and “license plates” similar to the ones pictured below:

Fake ID

Fraudulent Document presented and represented as a “Driver’s License / DOT Identification Card”.

Fake License Plate

Fraudulent US DOT “license plate”

In order to combat the misuse or abuse by some individuals or entities of the “Registrant” category on FMCSA’s MCS- 150 (Registration form for a USDOT number), the following actions have been taken:

The USDOT “Registrant” Category has been discontinued:

 FMCSA eliminated the “Registrant” category on September 15, 2012.

 On Saturday December 1, 2012 FMCSA switched all remaining USDOT numbers belonging to “Registrants” to Inactive USDOT numbers.

Please note: The United States Department of Transportation DOES NOT issue Motor Vehicle License Plates or Drivers Licenses.  Presentation of a “USDOT / FMCSA” Driver’s license or “Registrant Identity Card” is fraudulent.

DISPLAY of a “USDOT” License plate on a motor vehicle is fraudulent.

State laws relevant to driver’s license requirements and/or vehicle registration are broken when:

o A fraudulent driver’s license or self-generated “IDCard” is presented in lieu of a state issued driver’s license or presented as an official government issued form of ID.

o A fraudulent License Plate is displayed in lieu of a valid state issued license plate.

A state or local official empowered to enforce state traffic laws may issue a summons or make an arrest if such action is consistent with his or her department’s policy, procedures, and state laws when a violation is observed.

Anti-government authority Individuals, often broadly referred to as “Sovereign Citizens”, frequently display fraudulent license plates and/or present fraudulent drivers licenses or identity cards to demonstrate ideological reluctance to submit to Government Regulations and/or to provoke officials.

Please be warned that some encounters have been violent and others have resulted in the death of violators and/or government officials.

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