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Video: Aerial Stuntman Nearly Kills Two, Investigation Pending


Watch this video as soon as you can, because it might not be there for another day. It’s considered police evidence in an ongoing investigation of stunt flyer Jason Newburg from Dallas, TX.

Authorities say three men working together to create a stunning aerial video caught a death-defying moment on tape as a pilot Newburg did a last second adjustment and came within feet of the other two, one which was filming, the other performing a stunt on a 4-wheeler.

ABC News has learned that the FAA is interested for more reasons than just having discovered three people mis-using a suburban airfield as a playground. Newburg’s waiver to perform aerobatics expired in November, sources told ABC News.

“Several points along the way this guy could have make mistakes that would have killed himself, and the two people that are filming the action here,” ABC News aviation consultant Steve Ganyard said.

If the YouTube clip we featured has been taken down (as are most videos considered evidence in court), you can still see a clip of the three men at the brink of death at ABC News.com.


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