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VIDEO: Car Gets Hit By Tornado With Driver In It


This footage, (as seen on the Discovery Channel) was taken by a McDonald’s employee on her way in to work her shift on April 27, 2011. She sees a tornado, records a little footage, and suddenly realizes that she’s too close. The vehicle gets sucked up into the tornado, and slammed into a building.

A summary of the experience in her words:

“I was on my way to work at Mcdonalds on hwy 278 in Cullman AL. I captured the tornado for a few seconds then I realize I was too close. i drop the camera and turn around. …RAW FOOTAGE… You will hear stuff hitting my car and when i start screaming ( and please realize that this is freaking scary stuff) is when i am being picked up by the tornado in my car. It spins me around smashed me into a building and moves on. Im pretty much panicking at this point. Sooo ya…. Word to the wise do not get too close to a tornado.”

Lauren Meneau


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