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VIDEO: New Technology Keeps Drivers From Falling Asleep


One of the major topics in trucking is driver fatigue. Long days and nights on the road can cause any driver to feel tired and lose the ability to react or, sometimes, to keep a truck between the lines.

Thankfully, a new technology has been introduced called Driver Safety Solutions, an eye and face tracking system that monitors driver fatigue. This new system puts driver safety first, working to decrease the risk of accidents on the road.

Through the use of sensors and alarms, the product tracks a driver’s pupil size and blinking frequency. The system also monitors driver distraction, noting when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road.

One of the great things about this new technology is that when a driver begins to fall asleep, the sensor notices this and plays audio while vibrating the seat of the driver to wake them up. At that time, dispatchers are alerted about the issue in order to make further safety arrangements.

Also, in case you were wondering, drivers are not required to wear any goggles or special equipment with this technology!



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