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VIDEO: Russian Bus Driver The Punisher Crunches Bumpers And Takes Names


We love our Russian drivers – but this one may just take the cake. Alexi Volkov, a Russian bus driver  – the “Punisher” – and after you check out this footage, you’ll see why. Alexi has been in over 100 traffic accidents, and he’s doing everything he can to teach those awful four wheelers a lesson!

He has a dash cam installed and he knows how to use it! He’s smashes the bumpers of those jerks out on the road like it’s his job – and he’s got it down to a perfect routine.

An angry driver cuts off his bus and slams on his brakes… but much to their dismay he just plows right through!

According to Volkov, “In all cases of scams I was found not guilty. In the past the traffic cops sometimes tried to argue, but I always succeeded to prove my point through the court. And now everything works like a clock – they judge objectively.”

“In total I have had more than one hundred accidents. Of course, I haven’t uploaded all of them: in my channel there are only the obvious scams and some colorful collisions. Besides, I acquired the dash camera only in 2007.”

“After the accident, nobody realizes that they will “obviously be found guilty”. It’s still a common misconception that those who hit from behind are always at fault. So, they behave arrogantly. Though later it’s funny to watch their painfully pathetic explanations in the office of the analysis group which investigates the accident. By the way, the freak from the last video considered himself right even after cops explained him the situation and he hired a lawyer.”

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