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VIDEO: School Bus Driver Narrowly Avoids Collision With Truck


This video was released by the Rolla, Missouri School District to the Rolla Police Department.  It shows a truck losing control and sliding into the path of a school bus.

Amazingly, the school bus driver was able to avoid a collision with the out of control truck.

According to the Rolla Police Department’s Facebook Page:
“On the morning of September 16, 2013, Rolla Public Schools bus driver Don Lewis was traveling east on Martin Springs Drive, in a Rolla Public Schools bus, transporting approximately 40 students to school. Adjacent to the school bus, a Freightliner tractor-trailer was traveling the same direction on I-44. The driver of the Freightliner suddenly lost control, and the truck left the roadway, struck the guard rail, and flipped onto its side. The guard rail was ripped from its posts and both the guard rail and the Freightliner shot across the roadway in front of the school bus. Mr. Lewis observed the events as they unfolded and immediately reacted by braking to slow the bus and while exercising great control, was able to steer the bus around the quickly approaching tractor-trailer and completely avoid a collision.
Mr. Lewis’ driving skills, quick reactions, and ability to stay calm during an extremely tense situation resulted in all of the students making it safely to school. After viewing the footage of this incredible incident, from the school bus video camera I felt the need to recognize Mr. Lewis’ outstanding efforts with a Letter of Recognition and a certificate, in grateful appreciation. Thanks for a job well done! -Chief”

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