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VIDEO: Volvo Ballerina Slackline Stunt


Check out this INSANE slackline stunt performed for a 1213 Volvo FH series commercial! This mind-blowing stunt was filmed on a closed highway in Vrgorac, Croatia by precision driver, Alan Jones and slackliner, Faith Dickey  to demonstrate the precision of the new FH series.

A slackline is pulled tight between two speeding Volvos as a woman begins to navigate across the rope before they reach a tunnel which will snap the line. Prior to the filming of this stunt, it had never been attempted before. Slackliner, Faith Dickey said, “No one has ever done this before – and I understand why. I’ve taken slacklining challenges that were both higher and longer, but I have never walked between two moving objects. This is something completely different.”

The stunt was so dangerous that the EMT’s on set shook their heads in disbelief. – It was even mentioned that the filming of the stunt was turned down in many countries before Croatia granted them permission to film the dangerous feat.

Typically, any movement created on a slackline during a stunt like this is created by the individual crossing it, but in this case – there was extra motion created by the forward movement of the two Volvo trucks. – This factor made the role of the drivers extremely important. During the stunt they had to maintain the exact same distance and speed to prevent the line from twisting or creating any slack. Had the drivers not been able to keep the perfect pace, Faith would have fallen immediately. Any bumps in the road and wind also became problematic during the execution of the stunt, creating vibrations and shakes in the line. Faith also mentioned that she experienced the force of a brutal wind tunnel created by the two trucks.

“The drivers were fantastic. But no matter how good they were, the line still moved unpredictably,” says Faith Dickey.

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