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Virginia Man Amasses $202,000 In Unpaid Tolls, Fees


Jason Bourcier, a 33-year-old financial consultant and Virginia resident has somehow managed to accumulate $202,000 in unpaid tolls, penalties, and fees after repeatedly ignoring the tolls on the Northern Virginia Dulles Toll Road.

According to Bourcier, one of his friends had informed him that the Dulles Toll Road was free when the E-ZPass gates were unoccupied after 11:30 p.m. – and it’s looking like he should have fact checked.

Bourcier doesn’t deny ignoring the tolls. In fact, he admits to driving the toll road every night on his commute without paying for over three years.

Originally, Bourcier’s fine was $440, but it managed to blimp up to over $200,000 due to the accumulation of late fees and interest. Bourcier also apparently chose to ignore a twelve inch high stack of summons in addition to the toll booth…

The Virginia DOT took Bourcier to court, where he found himself to be on the hook for $202,000.

All Bourcier was able to do at that point was cut a deal. That total was negotiated down to $40,000, with an additional $55,000 in fees and interest. He’s been set up for a payment plan of $150 per month for his $96,000 settlement that will end in 2067. Bourcier will be 87 years old.

Since the incident, Bourcier has spoken out and now cautions other drivers not to “… mess with the E-ZPass.”

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USA Today


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