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Which Is A Better Value, Netflix Or Redbox Instant?


shutterstock_119248132When it comes to the debate about wether to use Netflix or Redbox Instant, it all comes down to getting the most bang for your buck (or two). Find out here which option is best.

Redbox Instant is finally out of it’s testing stages, and it’s the first real competition for Netflix. Redbox Instant has launched it’s $8 (per month) standard package. This package includes 4 DVD rentals from Redbox kiosks each month, as well as unlimited streaming. Redbox Instant has also one-upped Netflix by featuring a less expensive streaming-only package for a mere $6 each month ($2 less than Netflix).

But just because Redbox Instant is cheaper, does that make it better? – Not necessarily. According to TechCrunch, Redbox is severely inferior to Netflix when it comes to content. Currently, Redbox Instant is sporting 4,600 movie options – which appears to be pretty measly when compared to Netflix’s impressive line-up of 14,000 films and TV shows – (that’s 60,000 if you count each episode).

Redbox has made no promises to provide TV shows anytime soon, nor are they associated with as many studios as Netflix – meaning for the time being, Netflix is going to have the newest and best releases.

Another downside of the new Redbox Instant which could potentially have an impact on drivers using the service, is that (unlike Netflix) it won’t stream on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. – Which could be a¬†disappointing¬†discovery for those that aren’t aware of this capability issue prior to purchasing the monthly program.

Do you use Netflix or Redbox Instant? Tell us how you feel about either one!






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