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Wildlife Overpasses Prevent Accidents Involving Vertebrates


shutterstock_146377322These overpasses are not only beautiful, but functional too!

After three years of research – which consisted of summerly bear hair sample collections by Montana State University – and covering both sides of a 50-mile Trans-Canada highway stretch, the researchers were able to prove that the bear overpasses (and underpasses) were actually working!

In order to prevent the bear population in the area from dwindling, approximately 10% of the population needs to cross the highway. A whopping 20% of black bears and grizzlies were found to be using the passages, which is keeping the populations healthier.

Drivers hit and kill millions of animals every year, causing over 200 annual human deaths, and approximately $10 billion dollars in damages each year.

The underpasses allow cougars and small mammals to safely cross, while bears, moose, elk, and deer are more likely to cross the overpasses.



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