Truck Driver Missed Scooter, Ran Off Bridge

On Monday afternoon, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 71-year-old Estes Express Lines truck driver David Warren Stone slammed into the side of a bridge while he was attempting to avoid hitting a vehicle that had pulled out in front of him on U.S. Highway 301 Bypass, south of U.S. Highway 64.

“Witnesses said a scooter or car may have cut off the 18-wheeler, causing the truck to run off the road,” WTVD reported.

According to WRAL, Stone’s tractor went over the side of the bridge and into a swollen, fast-moving creek below, and the trailer got hung up and dangled over the side of the bridge.

A water rescue team responded to the scene, but rescuers were unable to help the driver because the water in the creek was moving too quickly.

Eventually, a crane was brought in to pull the truck from the water.

At approximately 10:30 p.m., the truck was pulled from the swollen creek.  Stone’s body was in the cab.

The crash remains under investigation.


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