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Woman Accused of Causing Fatal Road Rage Wreck With Truck Pleads Guilty


Road Rage FatalityOn January 27, 2012, 46-year-old Zola Ann Wilson was following a truck, heading north along the 7300 block of U.S. 69 in Port Arthur, Texas, when a rock flew out of the truck and chipped Wilson’s windshield.

In a rage, Wilson went around the truck in the passing lane, abruptly cut back in front of the truck, then slammed on her brakes, bringing her car to a complete stop.

The truck driver then slammed on his brakes to avoid slamming into Wilson.

A vehicle driven by 34-year-old Gary Naquin was traveling behind the truck and was unable to stop in time.  Naquin’s car slammed into the back of the truck.  Naquin, his wife and two children were transported to the hospital, where Naquin died 3 days later.

On Tuesday, Wilson signed a judicial confession and pleaded guilty to 2 cases of aggravated assault.  Wilson faces up to 5 years in prison and must pay two $500 fines.

Wilson will face sentencing in March.

What do you think the sentence should be for road-rage related deaths?



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