Pets As Co-Drivers

10. They don’t complain about your driving

How my sister's dog feels about her driving skills...

Image credit:  jevans5489– Imgur
You may scare them, but they won’t ever complain (out loud) or critique your driving skills.

9. They’ll always eat your leftovers.

8. They’ll keep your side of the bed warm.
My selfless dog keeping my side of the bed warm while I was deployed.
Image credit: OriginoftheFeces– Imgur

7. They’ll always love you.

6. They’ll keep you entertained.

5.They won’t critique your singing.

They might even sing along with you!

4.They’re great security guards.


3.They’re loyal.

2.There’s always someone to talk to. 

1. He’s your best friend.

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