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10 Things to Never Say To a Truck Driver’s Significant Other


By: Heidi O.- Truckers Wives 

The following is a small compiling of some of the things you should NEVER say to an over-the-road trucker’s significant other,  along with the smart ass response you can give someone who is dumb enough to ask or say any of these things!


  1. Do you miss him? (Well, No, I don’t miss him.  I enjoy being alone in our bed every night).
  1. I Don’t Know How You Do It! (Do what? I’m a wife of a trucker, and I love it.)
  1. I know just how you feel. (Do you? Do you sleep alone every night? Oh no, your husband is home!)
  1. Are you scared something may happen to him? (Well, DUH!!!)
  1. I would die if my husband left me for that long! (Really? Maybe we should test that and see what happens!)
  1. Aren’t you worried he is going to cheat on you? (Seriously?)
  1. He must make a LOT of money! (Oh yea! We are just rolling in the dough.-NOT!)
  1. Don’t the kids miss him? (Oh my goodness, why would you even ask such a question?)
  1. Are you excited he is coming home? (Oh Heck No.  I clean like this and shave everyday!)
  1. Why couldn’t he get a ‘Real Job?’ (Real Job? What does your husband do that is so special?)


**Disclaimer…this is intended for a laugh! NOT to be taken seriously! !**


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