100-year-old man Thomas Follette achieves dream of riding in truck

A 100 year-old-man’s recently achieved his dream of riding in a truck, thanks to the Maine Health Care Accociation’s “Live your Dreams” program, which helps the elderly achieve life-long goals they may have thought were impossible.

Thomas Follette told News 5 that the last time he stepped into a cab was when he hauled cargo between Maine and Boston more than 70 years ago.

News coverage of the centenarian shows a big grin on his face as he takes a ride around Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant in Hermon, Maine.

“Oh I loved it,” he told News Channel 5.

Follette told reporters that when he worked as a driver back in the 30’s, air conditioning had not yet been invented. He used a little fan attached to the dash to stay cool.

After the long-awaited truck ride, his granddaughter said of Follette, “he’s got to be flying on the moon.”


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