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120 Overweight Vehicles Ticketed For Violating Frost Law


This spring, approximately 120 trucks suspected of being overweight were pulled over and ticked for violating Michigan’s frost law weight restrictions.

Frost laws are placed in effect during the early spring thaw period when roads are susceptible to weakening. Weight restrictions are often put in place to prevent furtherer destruction.

This year’s frost period ran from March 19th to April 28th.

Depending on the condition of roadway, weight restrictions can range between 25 and 35 percent of the state’s 164,000 pound limit.

Troy police officer Milt Stansbury, who has over 20 years experience as a motor carrier, helped secure an increase in the frost law enforcement effort the city’s affected streets.

Officer Stansbury said that of all of the vehicles pulled over in suspicion of being overweight, 100 percent exceeded the state’s weight limit and were therefore ticketed.

Vehicles under inspection are also checked for worn-out equipment and, if needed, taken off the road for repair as well, he said.

This year, the frost period in Michigan stretched on longer than usual due to the particularly long winter.

“That was the longest frost law period I’ve seen, but take a look at the roads,” he said. “It needs to be monitored closely.”


Source: www.dailytribune.com

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