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Alert Truck Driver Rescues Barefoot Boy in Snowstorm


An alert truck driver is being credited with coming to the aid of a young boy he found wandering across a snowy road.

Early Friday morning, truck driver Timothy Owens was on his way to deliver medical supplies to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. It was was dark and snowy– temperatures were in the 20s.

Owens told KSTP that as he was approaching the intersection of Chicago and 24th, he noticed a movement in the darkness. As he got closer to the intersection, Owens saw a 4-year-old child run into the street. The young boy flagged Owens down.

Owens quickly stopped his truck and helped the boy, who didn’t have any socks or shoes on.

Owens called the police who came and picked up the child. At this time, it is unclear how the young boy escaped his home. KSTP reported that no signs of neglect or abuse were found.

The child was eventually returned home to his parents.

Great job, driver!


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