This year's mayfly hatch in the Mississippi Valley broke records on Sunday evening as new hatchings of the bugs emerged from the water in a massive dark cloud and reeked havoc in the area.

This year’s swarm of mayflies broke records in the Mississippi Valley this Sunday, as new hatchlings emerged from the water in a dense cloud and wreaked havoc in the area.

The bugs covered buildings and vehicles, leaving a slimy mess behind them. This year’s hatch on the Mississippi River was so prolific that it showed up as a huge mass on the radar screens of the National Weather Service, and even caused a three-car collision.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that a driver lost control 50 miles southeast of Minneapolis on a slippery road (caused by a thick layer of mayflies), then crashed into another vehicle. There was limited visibility at the time of the crash due to the enormous cloud of bugs in the air.

Two people were injured in the crash, but only one was taken to the hospital.

This mayfly species doesn’t eat (they don’t even have mouths), and their life spans only one night – long enough to reproduce. That comes as a relief to area residents, as they can soon find relief from the haze of bugs and start thinking about clean up.

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