App Review: Big Road FREE Truck Driver Log Book

Hate the paperwork that goes along with being a driver? Big Road Inc. has created an app that allows you concentrate more on the road and less about paperwork.

It handles your logging for you:

  • Automatically create logs by recording duty status changes. If you make a mistake don’t worry about it. It’s easy to go in and make corrections.
  • US and Canada rule sets supported.
  • Has review mode for roadside inspectors.
  • You can share your logs with dispatch automatically or via e-mail.
  • Create availability times to help you plan ahead.
  • Supports multiple trucks.

Big Road also helps you manage traffic:

  • Map with live traffic info.
  • Truck-specific routing using Teletype SmartTruckRoute.
  • Helps you find truck stops, truck washes, service & maintenance, and wi-fi.

You can also share documents and more with others using Big Road:

  • Send payroll, PODs, or damage photos anytime.
  • Share location, photos, and notes with family and friends.
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Get it for [permalink id=”″]iPhone[/permalink] or [permalink id=””]Android[/permalink].

It has over 115,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.5 based on a scale of 1-5.