A quick-thinking AAA tow truck driver saved a 28-year-old Arizona man’s life last week!


Driver, Travis Brown was headed South down State Route 51 on April 6th, when he witnessed a car veering off of the roadway and into an embankment.

The vehicle collided with smash guard protectors, and ended up landing on it’s driver, 28-year-old David Koontz.

Brown immediately took action, grabbing his tow jack and a bolder. He managed to lift the car far enough off of the ground to save the crushed driver.

Although Koontz is still in the ICU, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Koontz and Brown already have plans to BBQ together once Koontz is released from the hospital.

According to Brown, “My supervisors called me in to work that day for overtime,” Brown said. “I don’t consider myself a hero; I was just in the right place at right time.”  

Brown will be honored by the AAA Arizona and Phoenix Fire Department with the Citizen Lifesaver Award this month.

Great work driver!


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