Truck Tonnage Up Slightly For February 2013

The American Trucking Association says they applaud the National Transportation Safety Board’s Most Wanted List of safety improvements.

This year, the NTSB’s Most Wanted List included addressed three areas the ATA feels are important to the trucking industry: eliminating distraction, addressing substance-impaired driving and improving occupant protection and crashworthiness of vehicles.

“We appreciate NTSB’s persistence in addressing critical safety issues, especially those that affect the trucking industry’s workplace, our highways,” Graves said. “Chairwoman Deborah Hersman and the Board deserve credit for continuing the push to make our entire transportation system safer.”

“In these areas, we agree. ATA has long been a proponent of reducing the risks of distracted driving, eliminating drunk or drugged driving by all motorists and improving the crashworthiness of vehicles. It makes good sense for NTSB to shine a light on these important issues.”



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