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The Atlanta Winter Storm and a Good Samaritan Truck Driver


On Tuesday, thousands of motorists commuting home found themselves looking around, only to find a traffic gridlock of historic proportions.  This was a waiting game.  Not only did this Atlanta winter storm strand truck drivers, but also moms, dads, and families.

This posed a huge organizational problem of picking kids up from school and daycare. Some school districts were forced to house students overnight, while others were forced to sleep overnight on buses.

Amid all the chaos, there was a truck driver from Illinois trying to use his well-established winter survival skills to help out multiple motorists.  32-year-old truck driver Joe Schmitz showed the stranded travelers why truck drivers are still Knights of the Highway.

See story below.

Follow this link to read about this driver’s awe-inspiring deeds.

Great job, driver! You make us proud!


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