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ATRI Seeking Feedback on Driver Platooning


The American Transportation Research Institute (ARTI) is seeking input on truck Platooning.

ATRI will be working with two US DOT-sponsored teams to conduct research on the fuel-saving benefits of Platooning.

ATRI is asking drivers and carriers to weigh in and provide “input on the specific use scenarios and price points that might accrue from truck platooning, also known as Driver Assistive Truck Platooning (DATP).”

Platooning is when two trucks drive 30-feet apart.  The trucks use a technology similar to Wi-Fi to exchange acceleration and braking information.  Platooning allows trucks to basically draft one another, therefore reducing wind and cutting down on fuel consumption.

“The DATP concept is based on a system that controls inter-vehicle spacing based on information from forward-looking radars and direct vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Braking and other operational data is constantly exchanged between the trucks, enabling the control system to automatically adjust engine and brakes in real-time. This allows equipped trucks to travel closer together than manual operations would safely allow,” ATRI states.

ATRI says it will use the results to analyze the costs and benefit associated with Platooning.

The online survey is available by clicking here. The survey will be open through December 8, 2014.

Video Credit: Xiao-Yun Lu



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